Puffy Tacos

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About the Xperience

Chef Jourdan is ready to teach you how to make delicious Puffy Tacos from scratch. Puffy tacos are made with masa flour and swap the traditional hard taco shell for this brand new airy version. Known for her healthy spin on fun dishes, Chef has curated this Xperience to include a nutritious and vegan shredded Jackfruit filling and an amazing salsa verde street sauce to finish off your creation. This kit is all-inclusive - no participant shopping required!

We recommend upgrading your Xperience with the custom engraved cutting board and premium tequila flask pictured above; only included in our Luxe kit!

Meet Chef Jourdan

Executive Personal Chef, Jourdan Cha’Taun Atkinson, is a world-class Chef who has worked with some of the world’s most elite figures, including: Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Welterweight Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather, and, most recently, movie mogul Tyler Perry.

Chef Jourdan Cha’Taun has been sharing her passion for food art for years. Her infusions are considered to be legendary; she seamlessly married Italian and traditional American Southern Cuisine along with developing health-conscious formulas to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Pricing Breakdown

Additional $1,000 flat rate for celebrity talent and virtual production host as well as complimentary shipping nationwide.

Interested in branded items or Luxe upgrades? Ask us about our extras.

$115 / guest
Essential Price.

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