Chai Cheers - Diwali Xclusive

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About the Xperience

Xperience the vibrant spirit of Diwali with Chai Cheers - A Diwali Xclusive. Light up the festivities with a traditional Diwali candle, and savor a selection of Diwali-inspired snacks that capture the essence of this cherished festival. Chef Peri will walk guests through how to make a traditional chai tea and then turn it into a modern boozy latte perfect for this holiday season!

We recommend upgrading your Xperience with a custom engraved coffee mug and branded coasters; only included in our Luxe kit!

Meet Chef Peri

Chef, entrepreneur and cookbook author, Peri Avari, is a Mumbai native with over two decades of experience in the professional food and hospitality industry. Starting with India’s Taj Hotels, Peri has managed state visits of high-ranking dignitaries and international celebrities, promoted Indian food in China, and most recently, co-founded a private food consulting business in California’s Silicon Valley. You can also find her famous tips and techniques on her food blog, Peri’s Spice Ladle.

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Additional $1,000 flat rate for celebrity talent and virtual production host as well as complimentary shipping nationwide.

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