Maple Mixology

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About the Xperience

Xperience the magic of maple in an interactive and engaging virtual Xperience - Maple Mixology. Embark on a flavorful journey where you'll dive into the world of maple syrup, uncovering its hidden complexities and versatility. Guided by our skilled mixologist, guests will experiment with two distinctive maple syrups, discovering the subtle variations in taste and aroma. Guests will master the art of balancing flavors and crafting cocktails that harmoniously blend the richness of maple with other carefully selected ingredients.

We recommend upgrading your Xperience with the custom engraved shaker set and engraved admiral highball glasses; only included in our Luxe kit!

Meet Mixologist Kim

Kim Haasarud is a media cocktail personality, cocktail book author and owner of Liquid Architecture, a beverage consultancy that works with national restaurant and hotel chains, world-wide, from creating world-class beverage programs, training bartenders and designing bars. Over the last two decades, she has written 8 cocktail books and has been seen in dozens of publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal, Saveur and the New York Times as well as TV and radio, once as a judge for Iron Chef America.

Kim has been a judge for dozens of cocktail competitions including World Class sponsored by Diageo, Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender. She’s also help mentor competitors and speak on the topic of creating world-class cocktails and beverages.

Pricing Breakdown

Additional $1,000 flat rate for celebrity talent and virtual production host as well as complimentary shipping nationwide.

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$130 / guest
Essential Price.

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