Sleight of Hand & Cocktails

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About the Xperience

Prepare to enter the whimsical world of magician, teacher, and pilot, Eric Yuhasz. This Xperience will have your eyes playing tricks on keep an eye on Eric as he performs his interactive sleight of hand magic.

Meet Magician Eric

For Eric Yuhasz, magic isn’t just a hobby, it is a way of life. His first taste of performing began at only 11 years old when he astonished his fifth-grade class with a rope trick. Since then, he has been hooked. From those early days, he realized how powerful of an experience magic can create for the spectators. Therefore, with each of his magical performances, he strives to generate as much of a lasting impression as he can. Whether it be during his close-up, parlor or virtual performances, Eric loves to leave the audience smiling and shaking their heads in wonder.

Eric's highly interactive virtual xperience takes you on an expedition of emotions all through the safety of your own home or office. He has fine-tuned each magical moment to truly build the bonds of community and transcend the barriers of distance.

Pricing Breakdown

Additional $1,000 flat rate for celebrity talent and virtual production host as well as complimentary shipping nationwide.

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$100 / guest
Essential Price.

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